Nuit Comme Oui for Farven Fornem

Photo: Line Gullman - Models: Farven Fornem

Nuit Comme Oui for Farven Fornem is the result of a collaboration between Nuit Comme Oui and the Danish band Farven Fornem. The project was to create a performance concept that Farven Fornem will be able to use in their future performances.

I was very excited about the project but it turned out to be more challenging that I had anticipated.

The band consists of four guys. I've never done menswear before so it was in itself a challenge. I would try to transfer the concept of Nuit Comme Oui which I've previously only used in creating women's wear. Furthermore, I also had to transfer the univers of Farven Fornem and somehow mix it with my own. It required a large and extensive research to come up with an idea of how they would like to appear. Each member has his own personality and charisma which I thought was important to highlight. I believe that the more you mix personality with what you are doing the more credible it becomes. Farven Fornem has a passion and a love for the music they make, which I think we should not undergo. It confirms that there is a meaning to it, a message, an empathy and a seriousness with which I have the deepest respect and I therefore think are worth highlighting so others can be a part of it too.

Beside the research appeared another issue that I had to relate myself to. The clothes had to be practical and usable in relation to their stage performance. Each member moves differently on stage and I was therefore forced to build on how each person works and take account of it in both choices of materials and design.

The project has been quite a challenge but also very exciting and fun to work with. I hope you like it.

You will get the opportunity to see the result when I exhibit 8. - 13. June at Carlsbeg, Pasteursvej 4 1778 Cph V or when Farven Fornem will perform at The Underground Music Awards 19. June!

The vernissage of the exhibition is on Tuesday 8. June 17.00-20.00

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Nuit Comme Oui

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