Mood of inspiration -first steps to AW11

Test, a fusion of atmosphere





Form -I've folded all the pages in an entire Moleskine book to find a form, this is a copy of some of them

I now work fulltime on the new collection for AW11. I've just ordered the print! But it's really wierd because I have no clue about how to explain my inspiration in words. Maybe it's because I'm inspired by a kind of atmosphere or rather more a metaphysical universe running around in my mind. Anyway, you will get some of my inspiration in pictures. Perhaps you can make your own idea of what to expect..

The future unfolds

Many believed that Issey Miyake soon would retire. But this was apparently far from true. Instead he has been working in the laboratory on a new project dealing with computer-generated clothes made from recycled plastic bottles. But best of all he has used the fold to create the shape of the designs. Very inspiring!

I have uploaded some pictures and shared a link to a blog where the project is described:

In addition, I have uploaded a video below where Issey Miyake himself explains the project: