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Friday inspiration

Old project

Working on the sci fi

maybe this is the print?

Malmö sci fi

More inspiration

My new studio

Pictures of the new studio. This is where I'm gonna create the future of Nuit Comme Oui. What could have been a better beginning than starting with the development of a new collection?

Inspiration aw12?

I have just found my inspiration for the aw12 collection. Here presented in different kind of graphics..

Still here

It has been a while since the blog has been updated but now we are back with a lot of news. One of them is the new collection for ss12 Refolded Forgotten Dreams which was released at Cph Fashion Week in the beginning of August.
Take look of the lookbook***

sneakpeek of ss12

SS11 limited collection in MATT18

I admit that I had firmly decided not to make a ss11 collection and I can only blame my impatience for not keeping my word. Nevertheless, I have created a small collection for ss11. However, it is only available in a limited extent.

I was almost about to call this collection "Nuit Comme MATT18" since the shop MATT18 is the only shop who sells it. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of it. But you are more than welcome to drop by the shop MATT18 at Mathæusgade 18 Cph V

Native Unfolded Futures AW11

Native Unfolded Futures AW11

Bonjour mes amis!

Hereby my new collection Native Unfolded Futures for autumn/winter 2011



Fashionweek is near and so is the new collection for aw11. Hereby a sneak preview


Nuit Comme Oui