I want to wish everyone a happy new year. This is a littlle new year present

SS10 showroom

I've just got some more pictures from the showroom last summer


Colors of aw10

A little taste of aw10

Nuit Comme ...

The Piano Book

I needed a break from work which resulted in The Piano Book


Black folds

While I waited for my friend I folded the pages in my notebook

I was inspired by my friend Asta, who did the same for a project when she attended an art course


As I have mentioned before, I am now working on my new collection for aw10.
I can proudly reveal that deers are a part of the inspiration!

Little city in the dark

On the flight home from London I built a little city

Something about trees

by Tim Walker

The studio

Karen Cirkus

Currently I am working on my new collection for aw10 that I am doing
in collaboration with my friend
Karen Segall.
Karen will decorate some of my folded styles with her interesting and very inspiring illustrations.

Julie Bo

My friends are a big inspiration to me and Julie Bo is certainly one of them.
She makes her own music and has just released some of her work.


Folded drawings -an attempt to be inspired. I still do not know whether it worked


The folded hangers are now ready to be put on the clothes


The labels

Fashion week 2009

Fashion week August 2009 at Artrebels showroom

Unspoken Folded Stories

We all fold and unfold our fantasies and unspoken fairytales in our own made up stories.
In crease of our histories, we hide away our secrets together with our philosophical thoughts regarding life, dreams and death.
The stories are an escape from the visible world and they are a proof that there is more than what meets the eye

The first collection by
Nuit Comme Oui

The Anatomical Garden Party

The Friscolicious Holliday Project

At school I created a project called The Friscolicious Holliday Project. The project was inspired by a trip to San Francisco.
At the trip I took lots of pictures, but I was also presented with a culture and an atmosphere that I as far as possible have tried to put into my inspiration for the project. The pictures above are an excerpt from the project. Moreover, I used this project as inspiration for my ss10 collection Unspoken Folded Stories